Completed Project


  1. Non Formal Primary Education (NFPE): UDAYAN-Bangladesh has been implementing Non-Formal Primary Education project in BagerhatSadar and Sarankhola respectively form 2007. The project funded byStromme Foundation- Norway through CODEC. Under this project 90 of Children are graduated in level-III. The organization has enormous of working experience to implement non-formal and basic education project.

  2. Quality Education: UDAYAN Bangladesh has been work with SMC (School Management committee) for their capacity Building and ensuring quality education to students. The project has implemented in Sarankhola in Bagerhat District from 2012 to till. More 03 School SMC were trained under this project. Project financed by Stromme Foundation and CODEC.

  3. Education Support Project(ESP): UDAYAN Bangladesh has been implementing this program since 2007 with the Support of BRAC-ESP. UDAYAN Bangladesh has implemented NFPE project in SarankholaUpazila of Bagerhat District. A total of 210 boys and Girls were graduated grade IV from the Project by 7 NFPE School. The project promoted Girls child education in the community and reducing drop out ratio in primary level. 60% (126) girls are completed their education up to grade IV from the program.

  4. Reduction of Hazardous Child Labor Project: with the support of the ministry of Labor and employment (MoLE) and International labor organization (ILO); UDAYAN Bangladesh has implement this activity in since 2011-20014 at Tejgaon in Dhaka City Corporation. Under this activity 450 under privilege children were learned Basic education and 6 month skill development training.  265 Girls and 185 boys are received education through 22 Education center

  5. Adolescent Dialogue (SHONGLAP): The SHONGLP project work with the adolescent group for their mental, economical, and Skill development as well as their empowerment. From 2010, UDAYAN Bangladesh has been implement this project and its funded by Stromme Foundation through CODEC. The organization provided training to youngest beneficiaries on IGA and provide 16 education to related their daily life. Project also provided seed money for their small trade.

  6. Primary Education Development Project (PEDP)-II: UDAYAN –Bangladesh hadimplemented Primary Education Development Project(PEDP-II) Project at Saronkhola from 2010 to 2011This is innovation found of Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MoPME). Under this project UDAYAN Bangladesh had operated 10 Pre-Primary Education centre where 300 pre-School aged children learned Early Child education.

  7. Increase Women Prawn Farmers’ access to information, inputs and Market: UDAYAN Bangladesh has been implementing Increase Women Prawn Farmers’ access to information, inputs and Market in 6 upazilas (Kachua, Fakirhat, Rampal, Saronkhola, Morrelogj, and BagerhatSadar). This project Finance by KATALYST and Swiss Contact through EDGE. The main objective is to improve access of women prawn farmers to information on modern cultivation techniques, quality aqua inputs and markets. Total 5000 women will trained under this project.

  8. Aquaculture for Income and Nutrition: with the support of Worldfish Center, the organization has been implementing Aquaculture for income & Nutrition (AIN) at Rampal, BagerhatSadar and Kachua from 2012 to till. Objective of the project to reduce malnutrition through fish cultivation, and increasing fish production through GMP (Good Management practice). UDAYAN has gain vast experience in nutrition and aquaculture field by this program

  9. Children’s Safe Space: Children’s safe space is very essential for working mother. Mother’s are feeling very much unsecured during Relief/ration collection time. Considering this issue UDAYAN has implement a “Children’s Safe Space” in SIDR affected area of Saronkhola From 2007 to 2008 with the support of Save the Children-UK. Total 1400 of Children are getting support from this project.

  10. Micro Credit Program: UDAYAN Bangladesh has been started their Micro Credit program from 2003 in Sarankhola, After the getting Registration from Micro Credit Regulatory Authority, UDYAN Bangladesh has been expand Micro Credit programall over Bagerhat District with financial support by Stromme Foundation and CODEC. Project has been start from 2003 and its continuing till date. Now we have 724 of loan Beneficiaries and 778ofSaving beneficiaries. There are some innovative measures taken in UDAYAN run microcredit on the basis of clients’ need and thus a variety of loans are offered. End of the Year 2014 we have RLF (Revolving Loan Fund) is Tk13500000

  11. Social Audit on VGD Program: Ensuring transparency and accountability to project beneficiaries of VGD program.  UDAYAN –Bangladesh has been implementing Social Audit on VGD Program with support of MJF(ManusherJanno Foundation) from 2010 in Bagerhat and Chitalmary under Bagerhat District. Udder this project organization has building a good working relationship with VGD Committee, Citizen Forum , respective UP, UNO office and other local elite.

  12. Skill Development Training: UDAYAN Bangladesh implemented the Skill development training Project with support from the department of Youth Development of Government of Bangladesh. Skill developments Program are covered at Six Upazilas under Bagerhat district. Total 540 womenreceived occupational skill training (Tailoring, Block boutique and, tie die, Fabrics,ambush, Hazar boutique, Hand print and Beauty faction) in 2014.

  13. Rain water harvesting plant: with support of CARE Bangladesh; UDAYAN-Bangladesh has established “Rain Water harvesting Plant” in Sharonkhola and MorelgonjUpazila from 2008 to 2009. A total of 30 plants were installed during project time.

  14. Latrine installation/ Constructions: UDAYAN Bangladesh has been constructed sanitary latrine in Saronkhola and Morrelgonjupazilas under Bagerhat District form 2008 to 2009. The project funded by CARE Bangladesh.A total of 1600 sanitary latrine provided to 1600HHs.

  15. Rain water harvesting plant: with support of People for Rainwater (PR) Japan; UDAYAN-Bangladesh has established “Rain Water harvesting Plant” in Sharonkhola and MorelgonjUpazila from 2009 to 2012. A total of 30 plants were installed during project time.

  16. WATSAN awareness and motivational activities and Hygienic Latrine installation:  UDAYAN Bangladesh has experience work with NGO forum for Drinking water and Sanitation for implementing their WATSAN Awareness and motivational activities in BagerhatSader and SaronkholaUpazaila in Bagerhat District from 2009 to 2010. During project tenure 100  of Sanitary Latrine and 500 of people were aware about hygiene, Sanitation, safe drinking water and personal hygiene.

  17. Rain water harvesting plant: with support of NGO forum for Drinking water and Sanitation; UDAYAN-Bangladesh has established “Rain Water harvesting Plant” in Bagerhat in 2010. A total of 30 plants were installed during project time and XXX of HHs are getting safe drinking water from these waterplants.

  18. Safe water and Sanitation for Cyclone SIDR affected family:Cyclone SIDR stroked in 15 November 2007 in Saronkhola as well others area of Bangladesh.  Consequence of SIDR fully damaged safe drinking water sources of Saronkhola area. To ensure safe drinking water to SIDR affected family UDAYAN has been provided safe water and Sanitation education with the Support of CARE Bangladesh through Shushilan from 2008 to 2009.

  19. People acting through social Mobilization for the conservation and wise use of the wetland in the southwest cost of Bangladesh:This is public movement for conservation of wetland in the southwest cost of Bangladesh. This program is lead by CDP and UDAYAN-Bangladesh has played a leading role in Morrelgonjto organizing a mass people gathering. Under this activity we were created awareness among the people about wetland conservation of Southwest Costal zone of Bangladesh. This project was implement form 2009 to 2010.

  20. Enabling Environment for Child Right (EECR): UDAYAN-Bangladesh has been Implemented Adolescent Stipend program. Target beneficiaries were vulnerable or extreme poor HHsAdolescent. Project beneficiaries getting stipend TK15000 of each beneficiary. This project financed by UNICEF andMoWCA.  It’s implemented in 2012 at Saronkhola and Morrelgonj under Bagerhat District. The main goal of the project to stop child marriage.

  21. Life Skills Education and improving condom access component among youth people:To prevent and create awareness on communicable disease through sexual activities, Likely HIV/AIDS, STI, RTI, STD, and Hepatitis B &C, is the main objective of the project. This project implementing with support of Ad-din Welfare Center. In 2011 it has been implementing at Bagerhat. Main activities ware of the project, Life Skill training, on Reproductive health, STD, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B&C. Provide hand on training on male condoms uses during intercourse.